Services & Rates

If you want to look and feel your absolute best, We can help. As you probably know, countless studies have found a direct link between your fitness level and your overall confidence and happiness.
But instead of using a “one size fits all” approach to fitness, we design a unique personal training plan that is custom-tailored to fit your exact goals and needs.

Personal Training

60 minutes: $75
90 minutes: $90

If privacy is very important to you, and you want to maximize the time you have available to train, our location will be well suited to your goals

Sessions are booked around your schedule, whether that be early morning, late in the evening, or on a lunch break from work. You will maximize your available time, whilst receiving the ultimate personal training service.

Crowded gyms are a thing of the past.

12x60 minute sessions: $750

Perfect way to train with your partner or friend.

Tandem training is a fun way to get results together. As a pair training together, you will receive the same custom service that suits your needs. In your one hour session we will perform mix of exercises that will challenge each individual to achieve maximum results. We guarantee a great workout session with a friend or a partner – at an affordable rate.


Tandem Training Packages 12 x 60 minute sessions: $975.00

Tandem Training

Customized Online Training Program

On-Line Periodized Strength and Conditioning Programs
Accountability and support through text 7am-7pm M-F
Training on the go! View online through our Fit Life App or a downloadable PDF version.
Cardio outlines based on your goals (HIIT, LISS, MISS)

Some of the programming we offer:

  • Glute Development
  • Metabolic Training
  • Body Composition
  • Overall Muscle Development
  • Strength Training
  • Endurance Training

Monthly you will receive a customized training program based upon your equipment availability, experience, and goals.

Training program is created for you for one of these options:

  • In Home Gym
  • Commercial Gym
  • In-Home Training with limited equipment

Your training will be emailed or uploaded to our Fit Life online coaching app.

Program Includes:
  • Training Outline (Training plan changes every 6 weeks)
  • In-Home or Gym workouts with video demonstration (when needed)
  • Exercise Modifications as needed
  • Progress Tracker (pictures and body measurment chart)
  • Individualized Nutrition Outline (for both female or male)
  • Supporting Nutrition Booklet with tips and tricks
  • Access to closed Facebook Group
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Text/Email Support

12 Week Body Transformation

12 Weeks: $499

Posing Women's and Men's Classes

60 minutes: $80
90 minutes: $110

If you’re a first time athlete stepping on stage it is recommended you start about 12 weeks out to learn the basics; if you are seasoned athlete then about six to eight weeks out, although everybody should be practising their respecting posing throughout the year periodically to ensure flow.

If you want to compete in Men’s Physique, Classic Physique, Bikini, Wellness, Figure or any other category you need to know the basics of competition posing. Each organization and class division has its rules &regulations and it is important that adherence is of most importance in showcasing your physique.

Both Grace and Andrew have extensive experience as previous judges and continue being deeply involved in the fitness industry to ensure their clients are presented on stage at their very best

*Please note weekly group posing sessions are included in your monthly competition coaching fee. Group posing classes are being held once a week


  • Individualized meal plan, including grocery lists. This is not a low calorie, restrictive diet. It is based on a macronutrient balanced approach.
  • You will be choosing the food that you eat from a pre-approved food chart and/or a delicious recipe pack.
    • We tailor the meal portions for you
  • Training Program – In-home or Gym
  • Comprehensive health history assessment
  • Supplement analysis and recommendations
  • Weekly Check-Ins

Comprehensive Lifestyle Program

$175 per month

All nutritional programs  start with a consultation followed by an initial one month commitment, after which there is the opportunity to make longer commitment and save by purchasing a long term coaching package.

Compliance equals Guarantee of Success!

We’re talking serious results! A program customized for YOU

What we provide you: 

A nutrition plan that fits into your life (Unrealistic Diets NEVER work)

Programming available in all formats

  • Macronutrient based (IIFYM)
  • Customized meal plan 
  • Shopping lists
  • E-Recipes as an add-on ($15.00)
  • Plant Based programming available

– All programming backed by science, not myths
– Our online coaching will provide you with extra support when you need it 

GST will be applied to all services

Before you start working with one of our personal trainers, it is important to meet the and discuss your needs. This is what we call a personal training consultation.
It allows the trainer to assess your needs from a workout regime, so we will be able to design the right workouts for you.
Things we will cover:
• Medical Release
• Fitness Studio Informed Consent Form
• Start-Up Intake Questionnaire
• Exercise History Questionnaire
• Health History Questionnaire
• Client Dietary Worksheet and Habits
• Par-Q and You

PT Consultation

30 minutes: $59.99

Level Up Challenge

Sept 15 - Oct 27, 2022